We simplify business finances for creative professionals so you can scale with confidence.

As your bookkeeping besties, we’ll make sure you understand how money flows in and out of your business and find your best opportunities to grow (or save, depending on your goals).

Ready to hire a team you can trust to have your back and manage your books stress-free?

When you work with us, you’re working with the best.

Featured as a “Woman to Watch” in the largest women’s networking group in Boston with a membership of over 45,000.


Best Bookkeeper 2024


Largest women’s networking group in Boston with a membership of over 45,000.


We want to be your bookkeeping besties.

We make it easy for you to know what’s going on with your money and walk into tax season like the that boss you are, not feel stressed about your numbers, left in the dark, or obligated to look everything over with a fine tooth comb (yuck!).

Let us take the financial overwhelm off your plate.

We know you’d much rather focus on being creative, managing your team, and continuing to grow.

We want that, too.

We’re here to help you know (& love!) your numbers without the overwhelm.

Our approach is simple, proactive, and tailored to you.

As we review your accounts, we’ll make sure you aren’t overpaying on taxes and find ways for you to save on the products and services you invest in already.

We’ll even give you a simple set of reports each month so you’re clear on where you stand and what to do next when it comes to your money.
We’re your besties—answering your questions honestly and without judgment is what we do!

If you ever don’t understand something, we’ll teach you what you need to know without going over your head.

Work With Us

We’ll make sure you always know where your business stands financially.


Best if you prefer not to manage bookkeeping tasks and prioritize having clear monthly financial records.

For solopreneurs or established businesses

Starting at $475/month


Best if you prefer handling your transactions but want quarterly oversight and reconciliation support.

For small or established businesses

Starting at $575/quarter


Best for businesses new to QuickBooks Online who want initial setup work to get off to the right start in QBO.

For businesses new to QuickBooks Online

Starting at $495/QBO account

Before Working With Us

Does any of this sound familiar?

Tired of the constant back & forth (or ghosting) from bookkeepers

Only paying yourself when you feel like you can “afford” it

Unprepared for tax season

Unclear about what your actual profits are each month

Wanting to grow but unsure how to scale successfully

After Working With Us

Does any of this sound amazing?


Free to invest more time on creative, income-generating actions


Consistently paying yourself, regardless of business performance


Confident in how much you need to set aside for taxes each month


Always have a clear picture of your profits, income, and expenses


Ready to scale with confidence to take the next steps in your business

“I feel so confident heading into tax season!”

I have always struggled with getting things ready at the end of the year for taxes but this year I feel so confident heading into tax season. It is so reassuring to have someone to guide me when I have questions and they always respond promptly.

I am amazed by their knowledge, professionalism & attention to detail. My only regret is that I didn’t start with Honeycomb Bookkeeping sooner.

Trayce Gregoire Photography

We don’t just want to see your sales increase. We want your profits to skyrocket, too.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to spend all day buried in spreadsheets, receipts, and financial reports—we did!

We also believe that when you feel empowered about money, you’ll create more of it.

It’s why we work hard to make sure your business always pays you and that you feel confident about your numbers, calm when you login to QuickBooks (if you ever want to!), and clear about what you need to save for taxes.

If you’re ready to understand your numbers and what you need to continue growing profitably with no added stress, let’s chat!

Oh hey, have we met yet?

I’m Linda, the Founder & CEO of Honeycomb Bookkeeping.

I’ve been in the accounting industry for 20+ years, working with businesses who generate annual revenue of $250K all the way to $25MM.

While each one has its own unique needs, some things are universal – like the high vibes, outstanding service & drive to succeed I know we share.

I left my old school accounting firm because I was sick of the suit-and-tie culture and “all work no play” mentality.

It’s been my mission ever since to support creative service providers like you by helping you pay yourself consistently and have confidence & clarity around money.

This isn’t your father’s bookkeeping firm.

We’re a team of strong, smart women who are great with numbers, trustworthy, and know the challenges that come with running a successful business.

If we can help you feel less anxious about your numbers and more prepared for the growth you crave, we’ve done our jobs well.

~ Linda Spinale, Founder of Honeycomb Bookkeeping

We want you to have confidence in your financials, be prepared for tax season, have a trusted resource at the ready, and be your bookkeeping bestie helping you scale.

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    Take the Guesswork Out of Your Books.

    Take the Guesswork Out of Your Books.